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The Straits Times News

The Straits Times is a daily newspaper in Singapore. Its staff is spread across 16 bureaus in other major cities in Asia and overseas. In addition to its daily news, it also features columns, editorials, letters to the press, classified ads, and community news. For more information on the current events, subscribe to The Straits Times news. Read up on what's happening in the country! You can learn about the latest events and stories around the world.

The Straits Times is the main newspaper of Singapore. In its daily edition, the paper has a large circulation and is one of the most read newspapers in the country. The company owns many other businesses, including a magazine and a newspaper. However, there are a few controversies surrounding the publication. The first issue of the Straits Times was censored due to threats from hackers. The newspaper is owned by the Singapore Press Holdings Limited, a company that publishes a daily newspaper and several other media.

The Straits Times also publishes special editions for students in primary and secondary schools. The primary edition has a special pull-out for students and a secondary school edition. The Sunday Times is a separate edition that covers news and politics. The newspaper's website was first launched on 1 January 1994, and it was free to use until 1 January 2005. After a short period of time, the website became a paid site and can only be accessed by subscribers.

Sunday editions of The Straits Times also have special school editions. The primary edition contains a special school-specific pull-out, while the secondary edition includes a separate education-themed Sunday paper. The newspaper's website was launched in 1994 and initially had a free subscription. It then became a paid-access site, which is now available to subscribers only. So, if you want to access the online version of the newspaper, you'll have to subscribe.

The Straits Times is Singapore's leading English-language newspaper. It has a circulation of nearly 365,800. Its editors are constantly updating the paper's content to make it more accessible to readers. As a result, The Straits Times is one of the top-selling newspapers in the country. And the Sunday edition is only sold in Singapore. You can read the latest editions on its website and via its app.

The Straits Times is the oldest English-language newspaper in Singapore. It was launched in 1845. Its readership today is around 1.9 million. The Singapore newspaper has 20 overseas bureaus. Its international coverage is second only to the Hong Kong-based Hong Kong-Chinese News, although it also has a wide variety of subjects. The Singapore newspapers are a leading English-language publication in the world.

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