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Digital Culture News in Singapore

Digital Culture News in Singapore is written by some of the finest authorities in the field of public media, namely, writer Chrystelle Holmes and photographer Celia Chong. They have brought out the essence of Singapore as a creative nation and as a city to the world through this book. This publication also gives an account of various popular festivals in Singapore and chronicles the rich cultural heritage and tradition of this place. It would be a good idea to purchase a copy from any bookstore near you. Digital Culture News in Singapore is guaranteed to be a must buy and it has been receiving rave reviews by its readers.

In this book, Chrystelle presents an interesting glimpse at the fast paced life in Singapore and its people. The vibrant city is abuzz with activities ranging from shopping, eating, work, studying, taking a walk, watching and more. With her vivid pictures and writing style, Chrystelle gives a colorful picture of her homeland. Her vivid pictures have brought out the essence of Singapore as a creative nation and as a city.

This book also traces the evolution of art in Asiaone Singapore. Art lovers from all over the world can take pleasure in this book as it provides an insight of the different works of arts that the country has to offer. It discusses the life and works of such artists as artist Chin Na-hae, sculptor Wing Shei-ng and writer Wai Kit-ang. These are just but some of the names that one can discover in the pages of Digital Culture News in Singapore. Digital Culture News in Singapore addresses various issues concerning Singapore as it delves into how the city developed, its culture and its people.

This book also tackles various topics that the people from the Asian continent will find interesting to know. One of the interesting topics discussed in the book is the Chinese influence on Singapore. The author gives a detailed account of how Chinese people came to Singapore, their migration and how they established Chinese communities in the country's many towns and Chinatowns.

The book also tackles the Chinese influence in Hong Kong and Macau and how these areas became Chinese enclaves within Singapore. It talks about the evolution of local festivals, food and music through the ages and how these have changed with time. Digital Culture News in Singapore also covers subjects that are interesting to those who are interested in China, such as the Forbidden City and the Peninsular South China. It also explores how the Chinese viewed Singapore, their migration and their association with Singapore in the past and in the present.

There is no doubt that a person who reads this book will be in for a delightful experience. In fact, the book has sold over three million copies and its popularity continues to increase. People of all ages from around the world can enjoy this book as the stories it tells are full of fun, adventure and insights of what the country's culture is really all about. Digital Culture News in Singapore is indeed a must-have book for anyone who wants to learn more about their favorite East Asian neighbor.

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