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Review of the Money Heist on NBC sitcom 'Money Heist'

Asiaone: On Friday, July 30, Netflix confirmed that they would be producing a fifth season of Money Heist. That means season three is almost done, and the final episodes are going to air in September. The heists take place in New York City and involve stealing money or other valuables from banks. That means season four of the crime drama is already planned out, and everything is in the works for the cast and crew.

It's good to know that the final episodes of Money Heist are already planned, because there has been quite a bit of hype leading up to the finale. In the previous episodes, some have suggested that the FBI, CIA, or IRS might get involved, but that never happened. Since there are several heists in the series, it makes sense that these agencies would try to get involved, but there was never any confirmation as to whether or not they would do so. Now that the final episodes have aired, it looks like those rumors were just that: rumors.

According to reps at Netflix, no one is yet confirmed to star in or produce a new season of Money Heist. So far, the biggest name that has signed onto the show is Ben Kingsley, who plays the title role of Loan Broker #1. He is, however, also known for his work on The Night Behind the Night, and No Ordinary Family. No timetable has been put into place as to when he will debut as a character in the new season of Money Heist, but there is still some time to make things happen. There was also mention of an 'undisclosed, high-end destination' for the final episode of Season 4. That could be a possible location for the final scenes of the show.

The original plot of the Money Heist was in parts Spanish, and while there were no subtitles provided for it, I had to Google the whole thing myself to find out what the deal was. It was a fictional piece about a Spanish drug lord who laundered large amounts of money through a bank in Spain, laundering it through companies that sent the money to him in the form of goods. One of the companies he used was Neteller, which has been referenced in the media quite a bit. The name of the company, Valos, has been mentioned on TV by both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The company itself does appear to be popular in Spain, as you'd expect from something with that name in the title.

In the second season of the Money Heist, we finally got some real answers as to who the characters were who were in the business of laundering drug money. For one thing, Michael didn't know that Joanna was his wife, and he didn't learn that she was the one who actually did the laundering. We also saw more of Michael's mother, Maribel, and her history in the drug world, including the fact that she had been an accomplice in one of her husbands' murder cases. This gives Michael a new reason to become involved with the investigation of the crime, and it also makes for some excellent storylines.

In the third season, we finally got a bit of actual Spanish dialog. It wasn't bad English, but it lacked a bit of luster. However, once Michael got over the shock of seeing his mom in the part, he started falling in love with her again. I think it might be because she was a bit older than he was in the third season, and maybe because she knew something that we hadn't.

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