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The Best Restaurants In Singapore!

Singapore is a country which is popular for its restaurants in Singapore. The country is famous for its wide range of restaurants in Singapore from high end international chains to more family restaurants. There are also a number of fast food chains in Singapore such as Pizza Express, Pizza Hut and Little Caesar. However, the country is known not only for its restaurants in Singapore but for a wide range of cuisines from all across Asia. Some of the most common the straits times restaurants in Singapore which are often visited by tourists are the following.

If you are looking for restaurants in Singapore with excellent international dishes, the La Posta at the Central Business District is one of the best restaurants in Singapore. It offers delicious Mediterranean cuisine with a range of international drinks including Spanish wine. A variety of international dishes such as Moroccan dishes and Spanish tapas are served on a daily basis. Apart from this, the La Posta also serves Filipino cuisines on a daily basis.

Located at the top of the ridges and right next to the Jalan Hanoman Bay, the Japore Public Library is a great place to dine in Singapore. Popular among local and foreign tourists, Japore Public Library is a multi-storied public building which offers a variety of facilities for a comfortable and safe stay. Amongst its numerous facilities, the library has a grand dining room which serves a variety of International cuisines. The restaurant at the top of the ridges is one of the best restaurants in Singapore known for its gourmet international cuisines. You can dine at the seven-stool restaurant which has an amazing view of the city and waterfront.

The Granada Restaurant has won a number of awards for its excellent food and hospitality. One of the best restaurants in Singapore, it caters for the appetite of all kinds of visitors. With the help of its exclusive Granada Restaurant, one can delect on some of the world's finest fine dining cuisine. Besides the fine dining, the restaurant at Granada is also famous for its extensive collection of antique antiques. The award-winning restaurants in Singapore include Granada Restaurant, Silver Spoon and many more.

Set in the fashionable and cozy Aljunooka neighbourhood, Chinatown is a multi-cultural haven with colourful markets, boutiques and coffee shops. The hawker centres of the town are dotted with numerous trolley shacks that carry goods from various part of the town to its hawker centers. Amongst the most popular cuisines of Singapore, Chinese food is a huge seller. Numerous Chinese restaurants are located inside the Chinatown area, providing a taste of Chinese culture to those who venture into the area. Some of the fine dining restaurants in Singapore include Crazy Food, BBQza, Baba's on 4th Avenue and Chinatown Bistro.

To satisfy the palates of the most discerning eaters, there are restaurants in Singapore that serve only the choicest of delicacies. Restaurants in Singapore that claim to have the best seafood in the country are Pho Ngan, Papi's and Sweet Tomatoes. Thai, Chinese and Indian delicacies are also popular in these restaurants. Seafood is a specialty of Singapore, with restaurants across the country offering delicious sea foods to their patrons. Some of the best restaurants in Singapore that serve seafood include Yellow Sea, Bencoolen Beach and Nasi Lemak.

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