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Which is the best mooncake in Singapore?

The most iconic raffles hotel mooncake 2021 is the traditional baked version. The pastry is covered with a layered cake and contains a salted egg yolk surrounded by a paste made of lotus seeds. The other type of mooncake is called a snowskin mooncake and has a mochi-like texture with modern fillings like chocolate and liqueurs. You can find them on sale at most restaurants and hotels around Singapore, and you can even order them for takeaway.

If you are looking for a mooncake in Singapore with a traditional design, Chang Ho Sek may be the right place for you. Their signature snow-skin mooncake is decorated in the iconic rose pattern of Man Fu Yuan. The hotel also has a secret garden collection of four tea flavours blending Asian and Western influences. These teas include a chocolate truffle, Japanese Matcha Green Tea Paste, and Rose Flower Tea Truffle.

The Raffles Hotel Singapore's mooncakes are known for their beautiful design and taste. The famous Champagne Truffle Snow-Skin and Earl Grey Tea and Pearl Snow-Skin mooncakes are just a few of the specialities on offer. You can buy these delicious treats from the hotel's mooncake booth or online. If you're looking for a special treat for yourself or a loved one, Raffles Hotel Singapore's exclusive Mooncakes will be the best choice.

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